Print Formats

To be a true panoramic image a scene should approximate a field of view equal to or greater than what the human eye can see which is about 120° and it should have a width to height ratio of 2:1 or greater. This means that the prints are generally wide and thin and usually cannot be made to fit a normal stock frame, such as an A2, unless cropped or provided full width with white bars top and bottom.
With 1m prints framing block mounting isn't too expensive but many people opt to go the canvas route for  prints that are 1.5m wide or greater because framing with glass and even block mounting gets rather expensive at these sizes.
A third option has now been added to the available prints and that is Triptychs.
With a triptych, the print is broken up into three segments either 30cm or 50cm wide by the relative height. The advantage of this is that it means you can have a large paper print  that is cheaper to frame or block mount albeit in 3 sections. 
The options now are:
  • 1m and 1.5m paper prints
  • 1m and 1.5m unstretched canvas prints
  • 90cm and 1.5m paper triptychs (width of the 3 combined prints)